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If you are thinking of starting a new business, then doing your market research is critical to success. Once you have clarified your vision with our “6 Key Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Business” (see post),¬†then you can drown in all the data you can find in the websites below!

15 Data Sources To Help You Do Your Market Research:

  1. U.S. Census: Find mounds of data about the U.S. population largely compiled from the most recent census. You can drill into the data and find out nearly anything you want to know about different locations and demographics.
  2. Census Business Builder: Find out how much people in your industry spend with a searchable database. Watch their intro video here:
  3. American FactFinder: More from our trust census takers, find facts about communities throughout the U.S.
  4. Bureau of Labor Statistics: An amazing site for stats like hiring and expense trends, industry sizes and more, ideal for those who cater to other businesses.
  5. Industry Statistics Portal: Know more about your industry with U.S. industry data.
  6. Consumer Expenditure Survey: Also from the Bureau of Labor Stats…Need to know what people spend their money on?
  7. CensusViewer: Not a government resource, this free tool uses US Census and other data and gives it back to you visually on a map, in data reports, and narrowed down by state, cities, or counties.
  8. Google Trends: Google know what people are looking at and they serve it to you free!
  9. Google Consumer Surveys: Not entirely free, there are some very inexpensive options to try. Could be very worthwhile!
  10. Free Lunch: Free Economic, Demographic & Financial Data
    Finding and downloading economic data have never been this fast, simple or free!
  11. Biz Stats: Free business statistics and financial ratios
  12. My Best Segments from Nielson: There is a lot to be found in their free version. Here you can locate an ideal location for your new biz.
  13. Size Up: Calling it “Business Intelligence for All”, you can compare your business to those in your area and determine where your target customers are.
  14. Small Business Development Center Network: Serving America’s small business community, here is an archive of links for doing indepth market research!
  15. Small Business Development Center Network Industry Snapshots: Read helpful research reports about the business you’re going into here!

Do you have any to add to our list?


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