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What is Homeschool Entrepreneur (HSE)?

Before entrepreneurship was the trendy thing to do, Homeschool Entrepreneur began to lay the groundwork to create a revolution in the business education world. We wanted to see the traditional offering of business facts and information transformed into inspiring a mindset that could not only create profitable businesses but change the world around them for the better.

HSE started this site as a resource for homeschool families to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Family priorities forced us to put things on the back burner for while, but we are back and promise to be better than ever at offering what you need!

Although anyone can benefit from the materials we publish here, Homeschool Entrepreneur (HSE) is a website written for homeschool families and teens to learn “The Entrepreneurial Mindset” to make the world a better place by changing the way businesses are run. Helping homeschool families become stronger in every way by learning how to live the entrepreneur lifestyle is our #1 goal.

You may be here to learn more about The Entrepreneurial Mindset, find out how  you can earn high school credit by starting a home business, or to find resources to start a business or enhance one you already have.

the family businessOwning their own business or simply earning extra money is something over 85% of America’s teens and families report they want. This is why we are here and because Homeschool Entrepreneur believes the entrepreneurial mindset can  change the world!

families in businessWhat Is The Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Basically, the entrepreneurial mindset is a way of thinking and seeing opportunities in the marketplace and knowing what to do with it. It is not business education in the traditional sense or learning enough business terms to climb the corporate ladder.

If ethical entrepreneurship is going to change our world, then the old entrepreneurial model needs to change. We are already seeing some of these changes in businesses like Tom’s Shoes, who gives a pair of shoes with every purchase to needy children around the world.

A large part of our inspiration came from what we found on the website “Business as Missions”.  If you have any interest in this entrepreneurial mindset thing at all, we recommend you spend some time on this site. You’ll be glad you did! It could change your life. It did ours.

HOW is business a ministry?

You’ve heard the saying, ‘give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach him to fish, feed him for a lifetime’, right?  Reaching out to others with the love of Christ without meeting their basic needs is like the hollow chocolate bunnies at Easter – sweet on the outside with nothing in the middle.(so sorry if that VegeTales tune is now stuck in your head!)

Developing entrepreneurial mindset & skills not only equips you to start your own business, but help you train others to do the same. Jesus saw a need and under the Father’s guidance, found a way to meet that need. This is what we would like to do, how about you?

Read more about this “Business as Missions” philosophy** we believe in and are excited about by clicking here>>  http://www.businessasmission.com/ 
**(HSE is not affiliated in any way with BusinessAsMissions.com other than the desire to help them spread their ideas!)

What are your entrepreneurial dreams and vision? We would love to hear from you. (you can comment below or contact us here)

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