teaching teens business

teaching teens businessA recent poll of high school students showed that 70% wanted to have their own business someday, but 90% of those had no idea how to start. So what about those kids who think they will never have their own business? Remind them that life is full of changes and school is full of information they will probably never need, but it will be there if they do.

Homeschooling has many advantages, especially when planning a high school curriculum. Meeting your state’s homeschooling requirements is your first priority of course, but many people don’t realize how flexible those requirements are. It’s why many families have chosen homeschooling for their child/teen.

Equipping Them For Life

I loved the flexibility of gearing courses towards what my children were gifted in. They naturally enjoyed it more (thus more cooperative), but it also helped them develop the skills needed for a successful, productive life. Yes, there were always those subjects needing force feeding , but we found there were even some ways to sweeten those subjects too with entrepreneurial training like starting their own small business.

How many kids go kicking and screaming to their first music lesson only to discover music as a love of their life? My son resisted learning how to present speeches, only to discover he has a natural talent with giving speeches, and now enjoys it (well, as much as you can enjoy giving a speech, that is)!

I’m sure you have examples in your home as well. We never had any trouble encouraging our children to start a small business (they liked making money). However, as exciting as it was at the beginning, there was force-feeding involved even then. Maybe it will be different for you, but it’s a rare person that loves all aspects of any job or business.

Oh, The Practical Money Skills They’ll Learn!

The love-hate relationship with accounting is one aspect of business that does not appeal to most people, especially kids. If math is a subject your child struggles with, it’s so exciting when math finds a purpose as it’s applied to figuring their small business profits! OK, there may not be an instant love of math, or accounting, but there is a new motivation to learn the needed skills when it’s the only way to figure their profits.

No matter how you look at it, all entrepreneurs need to learn a variety of skills to be successful, and those skills will serve them in many areas for the rest of their lives. Sometimes life unexpectedly turns to a place that starting a small business is the best, maybe only, choice. Having the skills needed to do so already in place will help them more than you can imagine! They will thank you!

1111-open-for-bizCan’t Anyone Figure Out How To Start a Business?

There are two common misconceptions about starting a small business. The first one being that starting a business is easy, and the second one is that starting a business is very difficult. Actually, both ideas are correct.

In America, it’s relatively simple for anyone to start a business, but competition makes it very difficult to succeed. This is why we believe entrepreneurship should be a required subject in high school. Knowing exactly what it takes to start and successfully run a business shows the great possibilities, AND many of the tools , necessary to make it really work.

According to the Small Business Administration, the number one reason over one half of new businesses fail within 3 years is a lack of good business knowledge. As mentioned earlier, it’s easy in America to start a business, so it’s really not surprising that many new entrepreneurs don’t realize what it really takes to make it all work. Be sure your child goes into life fully equipped.

Ok, But How Do I Start?

That’s why as a homeschool parent, the freedom to incorporate an entrepreneur class into your curriculum is one of the best tools you could give your teen! In addition to the SBA website link above, we have many resources available on this site to help you get started, so….what are you waiting for?

Tell us about your business in the comment area below! We would like to start a directory of businesses by homeschooled teens and of course, homeschool family businesses! List your business below and we’ll contact you when your business goes live on HSE!


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