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The 9 to 5 Window: How Faith Can Transform the Workplace by Os Hillman

Faith in the workplace is a subject of recent interest in the secular media is taking the nation by storm. God is using the lives of ordinary men and women to make an impact and transform their workplaces, big and small, for Jesus Christ. New as low as $2.34, used as low as .01; also avail in audio and on Kindle!


Entrepreneurial Leadership: Finding Your Calling, Making a Difference May 5, 2013
by Richard J. Goossen (Author), R. Paul Stevens
Entrepreneurial Leadership addresses both the “how-come” and the “how-to,” not only grounding the entrepreneurial calling in its proper source in the triune God but also providing practical guides for how to be an effective leader. Be inspired to find your calling and to make a difference in the marketplace, church and beyond.


Anointed for Business – How to use your influence in the marketplace to change the world Hardcoverby Ed Silvoso Every Business Is God’s Business. The false notion that labor for profit and worship of God is made clear in this book. Today, more than ever, the heart of our cities is the marketplace. Knocking down the perceived wall between commercial pursuit and service to God can build the foundation for an unparalleled marketplace revival. Only then can we extend God’s kingdom to every corner of our world.


Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing (Values and Capitalism)

In the book, Chris Horst and Peter Greer of HOPE International contend entrepreneurship is as important as the over-glorified ‘non-profit’ in that it fuels the very engine of human flourishing needed to truly minister to those in need.
Whatever their size or form, businesses play a central role in the war on poverty.
With personal stories of everyday businesspeople, Greer and Horst assert the integral role of free enterprise and entrepreneurship in creating opportunities for individuals to experience what it means to be fully human.
. $3.95 new, used versions available

Biblical Entrepreneurship 40-Day Coaching Guide: A Spiritual Journey for Entrepreneurs and Marketplace Believers
What if you took the next 40 days spending time with your Father seeking His wisdom concerning certain aspects of your business and personal life? The author dares you to take the 40-day challenge! $15 new, used versions available.


Business for Transformation: Getting Started
by Patrick Lai

The world is changing fast, and the way the Church does missions needs to keep up. Business for transformation (B4T) is the future of missions, not simply to get visas but to bring hope via jobs as hope is brought via Christ. Everyone in the world wants a good job, so we take this book seriously and learn from Patrick Lai how to create good jobs in difficult places amongst unreached peoples. Currently in the Kindle Unlimited choices! (see link>>)

My Business, My Mission: Fighting Global Poverty through Partnerships
by Doug Seebeck

A new revolutionary paradigm: the idea that God has called them into mission through business. Through the work of a remarkable organization called Partners Worldwide, North American businesspeople and entrepreneurs in developing countries are joining together to fight poverty. Their mission is simple: to expand their businesses, create wealth, and provide jobs for the poor in Christ’s name.