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Find a book on how to start the business of your choice and learn from those that have gone before you!A very good (and small) investment, you’ll save time if you learn even one ‘business hack’ at the very least!


The Market Gardener with Jean-Martin Fortier, Six Figure Farming Part 1 Introduction-Video
Absolutely the best series we’ve found published within last few years (important…) on making an income from God’s good earth. Be sure to watch all 5 parts and any other videos Jean-Martin Fortier publishes.

Find his book on Amazon for $17.57 new, used avail, Kindle sample avail, too.



You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise
The opportunities for a farm family business have never been greater.
The aging farm population is creating cavernous niches begging to be filled by creative visionaries who will go in dynamic new directions.
As the industrial agriculture complex crumbles and our culture clambers for clean food, the countryside beckons anew with profitable farming opportunities.



FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Starting a Virtual Assistant Business Kindle Edition

by Alyssa Avant
In this step-by-step guide to starting a virtual assistant business for Christian moms, you will learn everything from how and why you need
to set goals and a budget, choosing your niche, managing your time, and loads of resources. Great investment if you are considering this home business.