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Finding out your gifts and how they overlap your abilities and interests lays the foundation for finding the work you were created to do! Help your teen find out early what they want to do!

Goals & Finding Your Life’s Purpose

LifeKeys: Discover Who You Are
by Jane A. G. Kise, David Stark & Sandra Krebs Hirsh
This updated comprehensive guide helps people discover how God has uniquely created them. Engaging stories, inventories, self-tests, and other easy-to-use exercises make Discover Who You Are a one-of-a-kind tool.


Find Your Fit: Dare to Act on God’s Design for You (LifeKeys 4 Teens)
by Jane Kise, Kevin Johnson
Teens’ personal guide to discovering their God-given uniqueness. Contains engaging self-tests and inventories for Christian teens.


Live Your Calling: A Practical Guide to Finding and Fulfilling Your Mission in Life
This practical and inspirational guide helps Christian men and women of all ages identify and use their God-given gifts to find purpose, direction, and joy in their life and work.
(We have used this book for years with our kids and has been very practical and helpful.)


The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life
ndividuals and companies have been learning what history has demonstrated all along–that people or groups with carefully defined missions have always led and surpassed those who have none. Laurie Beth has a great way to do it! A classic!