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Is your work your worship or what you do between Sundays?

What is Business As Missions?  

Learning entrepreneurial skills to use our skills and resources in the power of God
to bring the Gospel message into the marketplace.

We think it’s best explained here: (just think how this could apply to your family in your own town)

and here:

This doesn’t mean we need to go to another country to find our purpose or needs to meet. We can become modern day Noahs and Josephs as we seek to use our gifts to the glory of God!

Christians don’t have the greatest reputation right now for reasons you can imagine, but we can change that If you are homeschooling, your opportunity is even greater if you have a clear vision for your family.

I’m not sure who said it, but we must “educate with the end in mind”!

Find strategic planning tools for Christian entrepreneurs who sense a Kingdom calling to operate a Business as Mission or Business as Ministry (BAM) venture here on this site, or check out some of the links below:

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