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Foundation for Economic EducationThe Foundation For Economic Education (FEE) offers a series of quality courses that are geared towards teens teaching the basics of economics and entrepreneurship.

I wasn’t sure if free really meant free or if it was even worth the time, so I went through a few of the lessons and was thrilled! Reading was concise and to the point, with options (links) to do more research, inspirational and informative videos, questions for thought, and a brief quiz at the end that was a little too easy, but then, this is what I do….and all they ask is that you register with your name and an email address.

One of the best features I discovered was the extensive…and I mean extensive…facilitator’s guide available for each course(teacher’s resource dream..).

Hopefully, these courses will remain online and free of charge, but I would get to it just in case they discontinue their offer!*

A few of the 9 courses offered are:

  • How Do I Become An Entrepreneur?
  • Economics in One Day
  • What is the Entrepreneur’s Role in Creating Value?
  • How Can Entrepreneurs Use Economics to Make Better Decisions?
  • What are the Links Between Entrepreneurship, Personal Character, and Civil Society?

Using interactive, hands-on activities, videos and guided discussions you’ll find this to be a curriculum choice that would meet or exceed the qualifications for a semester’s credit in most homeschools .

Check it out at:

*over the years, we have found some amazing programs that are no longer available for what ever reason. 

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