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wp logoI just spent many, many hours trying to fix a problem I was having with my WordPress blog and since the solution turned out to be so simple, yet so hard to find, I decided to share it with you.

My problem was I couldn’t find a way to keep the featured image I set from appearing at the top of the post it represented.

Now, placing a featured image into every post is important, and makes your blog look more professional, but with the theme I was using, which I really liked (i-Craft), the featured image would automatically appear at the top of the page the post appeared on.

Normally, this wouldn’t be so bad, but most of the images loaded very large and distorted. I’ve had a little experience and have average confidence playing with the code of WP installs. However, the help I found on WP.org explained very well what code to erase and what code to add yet it was not solving the problem.

A Simple Solution! A WP Plugin

Finally I came across a plugin called “Hide featured image” and found it to be the answer, even though it said it had not been tested with my version of WP.

If you are a beginner in WP, I thought I’d include a step by step instruction:WP help featured images

  1. Click on Plugins on your menu on the left
  2. At the top of the page click on the box next to Plugins that says ‘Add New’
  3. Where it says “Search Plugins” type in “Hide featured image”.
  4. The first plugin box should be titled “Hide featured image” click on the ‘Install Now’. When its installed, it will turn blue and say ‘Activate’ – click on that.
  5. That’s it! Now, when you set your featured image on your next post, you will see a box directly above that says “Show or Hide Featured Image”. Click on Yes if you want to hide the image from your post page. If you are fixing a previous post image, don’t forget to click “Update”!

Voila! That’s it. Happy face.


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