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Do you love making jewelry? It’s so much fun to create earrings and necklaces, but how do you know if your creations are worthy of making into a business?

One way to tell is how much your friends and family rave about your creations. Of course, sometimes family and friends are trying to encourage you and that isn’t quite enough to venture into the competitive world of hand crafted jewelry. However, some good indicators are if you receive frequent compliments on your handmade items from strangers when you wear your creations and/or you’ve had offers to purchase your jewelry.

So, does that mean you should start a business selling jewelry? That depends. Hopefully you really, truly, enjoy doing it because making jewelry as a business is very different from enjoying it as a craft.  Creating your jewelry on demand to fill orders is much different than making them for the sheer joy of it. Then there’s that dreaded, unspoken technical side called ‘running a business’.

Often, those with artistic talent have a difficult time with the rigors of starting a business. Creatives love making their wares, but accounting? Marketing? Websites? Selling? All these activities and more are as important to running your business as making beautiful jewelry!

If you still think you’d like to start a jewelry business, then I have several resources for you. Jewelry Making at is an information goldmine that has a wealth of information on everything you need to know about the jewelry business. Starting a business, finding products, even deciding on the type of jewelry business you should start is all covered by the guide Tammy Powley. You will be amazed at all the resources you’ll find here! Jewelry Making Business

Here’s a few more resources to get you started:

How to Start a Jewelry Business
Knowing how to make jewelry isn’t enough–you need to know how to sell your pieces, too.

Jewelry Making Business How-To’s & Industry Trends

Find many more links and info on this business and its trends at:

A great blog for any crafter is Craft Marketer.  Lots of free marketing ideas!

Have you found some good resources or suppliers for others like yourself? Help others by adding other resources for crafters in the comments below! (or you can email us at deb (at)  Thanks!

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