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Starting a profitable worm business isn’t for everyone, but anyone can do it! You will need a little startup money but if you are good at sourcing used supplies, it can be done very inexpensively.

One thing you need to know before you get started is don’t try using the worms you find in your back yard or garden. It’s possible, but unlikely, that these worms will serve as a basis for you new business (you can sell your garden worms to local fishermen).

There is a certain type of worm that you’ll need to start your business with. Super-hard-working official composting worms!

Do your homework first to avoid wasted time and money! Fortunately, there are many good YouTube videos that can help you learn everything you need to get started.

How To Start Your Profitable Worm Business

First, you need to establish your worm farm. You can start as small or big of a business as you can afford. That’s up to you and how much time and money you have to devote to your new business.

An excellent website that sells the supplies you need at a reasonable price and offers free business startup info that you’ll find very helpful can be found at:

Watch the documentary by National Geographic on Worm Farming:

So, How Does Worm Farming Work?

An excellent video that shows an easy to understand diagram illustrating how worms do their work can be watched here:

I really love the potential to learn just about anything you would want to learn on YouTube. It’s such a good resource!

If there was only a better rating system to avoid wasting time watching junk. The only advice I can offer in filtering worthwhile videos is the number of viewers. This isn’t always accurate, but if there haven’t been many views, there’s usually a reason why.

Thinking Of Going Big In The Worm Biz?

Watch this video and tour a commercial facility and see how a small company grew as they were able to afford. Worm castings are in big demand right now and you can start small and grow as you are able!

No Money? Start For Free!

There are a few videos that claim you can start for free, but they are assuming you have certain supplies already at hand, but the truly resourceful entrepreneur with no money can start with 5 gallon buckets that you’ve gotten from a bakery or other business that has more empty buckets than they need. After you’ve drilled holes into your free buckets, and worms you harvest from your own compost pile (assuming you have one). Of course, if you are looking at making a business from this, you will probably save more money by simply ordering some “real composting worms”.

Here’s a video I found showing a homemade harvester you could use for several sifting needs on your worm farm:

A Great Learning Project!

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn & earn in the true spirit of Homeschool Entrepreneur! Start with one or two videos explaining what worm farming is, and move into investigating the difference between worms and how they make the golden dirt that commands such a high price.

Watch a 21 Day Time Lapse Of The Working Worm:

Learning how worm castings help gardens, how worms work and how vermiculture really helps the environment are just a few ways that combine learning with earning. Building an actual worm farm is great for the hands-on learner, and when you combine calculating costs, possible profit, ways of marketing your product and offering superior customer service are all activities that help grow an entrepreneurial mind!

One more worm farming videos:

There are so many more good resources on YouTube that I’m sure you will find on your entrepreneurial journey! We’d love to hear what you found during your personal worm (?!) farming journey in the comments below! Thanks!

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