teaching teens business

teaching teens businessChoosing an idea for your home business is an important decision, and something to put significant thought and prayer into. However, don’t make the typical entrep-wanna-be’s mistake and overthink it. Just get started and adjust as you go along.

For instance, at one point my youngest son wanted to make natural candles to sell. Despite purchasing all the right materials, something gave all of them terrible headaches while making the candles.

Ruling out faulty materials and other possible causes, there seemed to be only one solution-stop making candles. After recovering from his disappointment, my son wanted to try something else, but needed the money spent on making candles to move forward. How was he going to recover his investment in materials and supplies?

Selling everything on Ebay didn’t work very well, mainly due to the high cost of shipping. So, he tried creating DIY candle kits for people to make their own natural candles at home. The kits sold so well discovered that selling kits would be their new home business!(at least for now!)

Here’s some more home business ideas to get you going:

Blogging – This is the least expensive business to start, but can take the longest to make money from. There are many good books available on the subject, but don’t fall for any of those $100++ courses that people try to sell you online unless you want a personal coach through the process. Even then, there are no guarantees.

Amazon or Ebay – Selling items, especially books, is a way to make money at home online with minimal investment. Finding the right items that are worthwhile selling is the tricky part since both companies will take their 15% first. One person tells of a “fortune” they made buying items on either Ebay or Amazon and reselling them on the other. Interesting. You will need to invest in shipping materials unless you dropship the items.

Selling your crafts – If you are handy or artistic, selling your crafts at fairs, farmer’s markets or Etsy has worked for many. Etsy has become the hot spot for selling crafts. One idea: what about selling the supplies all those crafters need on Etsy?

Services – There are a wide range of services you can offer locally like pet care, pet grooming, child care, yard work, house cleaning, auto detailing-you get the idea. All you need to get started for most of these businesses are some nice business cards and supplies to do the job. Pass out some fliers to get things going and if you do a good job, word of mouth will take over.

Business Services – businesses of all kinds never stop looking for some type of help, and if you can fill the need at the right price, you’re in. Secretarial services, web design, social marketing, even running errands are always in demand.

Selling Food or Skin Products – Be careful about venturing into making food or skin products and especially anything intended for babies. There are tight regulations on these types of products that vary widely from state to state, even county to county in the same state. I’m not saying ignore these ideas, just know your state and local laws and regulations before you invest too much time or money.

See: Getting Started for a checklist for help on beginning your entrepreneurial journey.

More ideas for young entrepreneurs can be found at: http://www.mytopbusinessideas.com/kids/

More ideas coming soon!

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