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Amazon FBAYou may be hearing more and more about people making large amounts of money using Amazon FBA and have started to wonder if it’s a real deal or another internet ‘get rich scam’. I have a great deal of respect for Amazon and they have made a way for more people to make money online than any other online retailer .(that I know of, at least!)

FBA stands for “Freight By Amazon” and is one of many income generating services offered by Amazon for their sellers that in essense, does all the packing and shipping for you of whatever products you are selling.

Your part involves finding the items, listing them and subsequently shipping all these items to your closest Amazon warehouse. Then, when one of your item sells, Amazon will pack and ship it for you. Transaction complete.

Sound too good to be true? Well, the catch is you want to be sure the items you choose will sell at enough of a profit you don’t end up losing money after all Amazon’s fees for this service are paid. Like they say, “the devil is in the detail” is very true here!

Any venture has its risks and naturally Amazon FBA is no exception. You will need to invest money into some inventory and know a little about what you are doing. I’ve never gotten involved with it, although we did get involved with Amazon for many years selling used books in the early 2000’s.

Giving Amazon FBA a great deal of thought and research, I discovered a treasure trove of videos that you can learn a great deal from. He calls himself “The Homemade Entrepreneur” and while I’m not sure he is a homeschool dad, I would not be surprised if he is. Making a full time income from his home is his professed goal, and has a vault of videos that shares his knowledge in a very down-to-earth way.

He does have a course you can purchase that I know nothing about, so I cannot recommend it. (sorry)

I do highly recommend the videos he offers freely on YouTube.

Search “The Homemade Entrepreneur” and FBA by Amazon on

or start here:

Anyone have experience with Amazon’s FBA? Do you know of a better resource to learn this opportunity?

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