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1. Let HSE tell YOUR story! 

If you are a homeschool family or teen, Homeschool Entrepreneur would love to feature your business on our website. It’s free advertising for your business! If you would like to be featured, we would love to hear from you. Write your story up as you would like to see it, or email us and we’ll send you a list of questions that you can use as a guide. Pictures are wonderful and we would like at least one.

Make a Commercial Video About Your Business!

We would love a ‘homemade commercial/video’ promoting your business! Why not make it a homeschool project and assign someone as the news broadcaster and create a video! A short story will work, too (:-)  We are not looking for perfection, but examples of real families learning to work together in the marketplace of life.   (examples coming soon!)

Don’t be shy-it’s free advertising! It can be a business run by your children or by you. The only qualification is you homeschool at least one of your children (or started your business when your were still homeschooling). Makes a great homeschool writing project. Just mail us your draft or idea of what you would like to do to:  deb(at)homeschool-entrepreneur.com.

2. Write For HSE

We don’t need professionals, although we know you will do your best writing. Any subject that is relevant to homeschooling and having a business is acceptable. Stories on other homeschooling entrepreneurs are especially wanted. Success is not required, sometimes we can learn the most from our failures. If you would like to make a video for us, that will be considered, too.

Keep It G-Rated, Please!

Just remember, we are Christian homeschool families, so produce your best work with that in mind. Not too long, either, please. If you are not sure about your subject, email us and we can talk. See Contact Us page

3. Ad Rates

We are taking reservations for advertising now, but our”Grand Re-Opening” will be Fall of 2016, so reserve your place now!

Email us for more details and rates. Lock in now for a super-low price! More contact details here>